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Young Worker - Vol 1 - No 3

Published May 1922

The Young Worker: Official Organ of the Young Workers League
Volume 1, Number 3 (May 1922).
Published by the Young Workers League, New York.
Max Shachtman, editor.

"A United Front of Juvenile Labor in Denmark."
"Editorial: May Day Has Come."
"Editorial: "The Young Workers League Convention."
"Editorial: Genoa -- Another Broken Rung."
Rose Pastor Stokes: "Two Sketches."
W. Schneiderman: "The Awakening."
Tony Wishtart: "Montani Semper Liberi: The Freedom of the West Virginia Working-Class."
Oliver Carlson: "What Means This Independence."
August Valentine: "News From the West Virginia Mining District."
"The Fight Against the Pauperization of the Working Youth: Open Letter of the YCI."
H. Seligson and E. Elston: "Appeal for Revolutionary Unity."
"When You and I Were Young, Maggie..." Harry Gannes: "Can Students Be Revolutionary?"
"Class War Prisoners."
S. Max Kitzes: "Clarity and Action" (poem).
Oliver Carlson: "In Memory of the Paris Commune: Speech on the 51st Anniversary of the Paris Commune at the Central Opera House, March 18, 1922, New York City."
"Resolution of the New York Young Workers League Transfering The Young Worker to National Organization."
Friends of Soviet Russia: "One Loaf or a Thousand" (full page ad).

Note: This file is missing pp. 18 and 19, which was a convention agenda for the May national convention of the YWL. For a file including these pages, see

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Year 1922
Language English
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